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At VTX Capital, LLC our mission is simple: we believe in bettering your financial outlook.

We also believe that there is no one more well-equipped to do that than you. In fact, this is exactly why we created VTX Capital – to give people the tools they need to fix their money problems, increase their income, and grow their wealth – all on their own.

For far too long the investment industry has been ripping off its clients – and odds are, you are one of them.

Bankers and financial advisors continually and purposefully use confusing industry lingo and financial jargon to keep you in the dark. The sad truth is the finance industry does not have your best interest in mind and it is up to you to do something about it.

We believe in a simple, 3-step approach to cementing your future financial success. We explain things in everyday language so that readers of any age or background are able to understand. VTX is here for you.

Step 1

Fix Your Finances With VTX

Fixing Your Finances

If your finances are in disarray and you need help getting back on your feet, we can help with that.

Step 2

Earn More Money With VTX

Increase Your Income

If your finances are all patched up, but you want to earn more, we can point you in the right direction.

Step 3

Grow Your Money With VTX

Grow Your Money

So you want to invest but don't know how. No worries. Our experts can guide you through the process.

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What You Need To Do

Simply put, it is time to get to work.

We've compiled a list of resources to help you with the three step process we outlined above.

Think you are ready for Step 2 or Step 3? Great. We realize not everyone has the same financial outlook.

That's beauty of having such a simple system. Some of you may move back and forth between the steps over time but you should never proceed to Step 3 if you haven't completed Step 1.

The items below are blog posts we wrote, or products we designed, specifically with you in mind. Some resources may also link to outside products that we at VTX have tried and endorse and/or otherwise feel provide value to our reader (even if we ourselves do not use them).

Resources For Each Step


1) Fixing Your Finances

Since there is no such thing as a one-size fits all approach to organizing your finances we've pulled together a few articles that may help you get on the right track.

Some of you may need more help than that and that's okay.

If you have more debt than you know what to do with, we can help with that. If you need help creating a budget so you're no longer living paycheck to paycheck (or worse, accumulating more debt), we're here for you. If you need guidance on whether you can afford a house, a car, a wedding or have questions about taking out a loan…you guessed it, we do that too.

At VTX, we offer 1 on 1 sessions to individuals (or couples) to help get their financial lives back on track. We've all made money mistakes. Don't compound them by not getting the help you need. We stand by our products because we actually care whether or not you get back on your feet. We follow up with you at intervals you choose to make sure you're making positive change in your life.

You can read more about our coaching packages here.

Furthermore, there are a number of great products  out there (often free) that can be of use if you're trying to track your spending habits,  check your credit score, or lower your loan interest rates. Services VTX recommends are:

Organize Your Finances

Use Personal Capital to track and organize your finances.
Their free financial software allows you to easily manage your entire financial life in one secure place – so you can reach your goals faster. Use Personal Capital’s software to develop your long-term financial strategy – calculate your net worth, set a budget, manage investment accounts, and plan for retirement. Sign up and join over 1 million people who track their finances with Personal Capital.


Debt Reduction

Consolidate your debt into one easy monthly payment., unsurprisingly, has a number of solutions to help clients get out of credit card debt. Often consolidating your debt to a single source and making payments on that helps people see light at the end of the tunnel. Sign up today and join over 5 million other Americans who have used them to start paying down their debt.


Credit Score Reporting and Repair

Use credit sesame to check your credit score for free!
Credit Sesame provides credit scores for absolutely free (no credit card required). Their site has a large national presence with millions of visitors. You can also continually monitor your score with FREE credit and fraud alerts. Sign up and check your score without hurting your credit today.
Use Experian to get your credit score and monitor your credit report for fraud.
Get daily updates on your credit score starting at just $1. Experian also grades your FICO score and tells you how you can improve your number. Furthermore, they provide daily monitoring of your Experian Credit Report and notify you of any changes. Sign up today and get more informed about what is on your FICO credit report.


2) Increase Your Income

Unless you're grossing $430,000 a year, and have quite literally broke into America's top 1% of earners, odds are you could benefit from a least a little more take home pay. At VTX Capital, we not only show you how to stretch your hard earned dollars further, but also present you with extra income ideas to help pad your pockets.

As an affiliate to many major retailers, we're able to offer exclusive deals on many of your everyday purchases. From cashback shopping to steep discounts on one time purchases, we promote frugal living choices that lead to financial stability. Beyond saving money, we often get the inside scoop on promotions that will quite literally make you more money.

If you think your financial ducks are in a row and are simply looking to make and save more money, check out these articles to get started:

Think you have a decent idea how it works now? Good. Then you should understand by now that the first step in making more money is keeping more of the money you make. Between cashback credit cards and cashback shopping, there is no excuse for buying items at full price ever again – better yet, you can get both of those on top of any listed store promotions.

Earn cashback with these major retailers on your everyday purchases with eBates!

In today's capitalistic society, companies are more desperate for market share than ever before. And they're willing to literally give you money in exchange for purchasing everyday, household items through them. Be smart and take advantage of their over-zealousness.

Cashback Opportunities

Use eBates for cashback shopping and get a free $10 for signing up today.
eBates is the largest cashback shopping site in the world. Shop at virtually every major retailer and get money back on all your purchases. Better yet, they'll give you a free $10 right now just for signing up. Get started cashback shopping with eBates today.
Earn cashback when online shopping with SwagBucks.
Swagbucks is more than just a cashback site. Swagbucks actually lets you earn free gift cards for taking
surveys, watching videos, shopping online and more! Sign up for FREE today and be part of the $154,644,211 they have paid out to date.

Paid Surveys

earning station paid survey EarningStation – Earn points by taking surveys, shopping online, watching videos and signing up for great products. Redeem your points for gift cards to your favorite stores like Amazon and Walmart.

Sign up at EarningStation and get started for FREE today.

survey club paid surveysSurvey Club – Participate in latest & highest paying research, product test, focus groups, clinical trials, and survey opportunities. Get paid each time you take part in a paid research study (deposited directly to your PayPal account).

Sign up at Survey Club and get started for FREE today.

acop paid surveysAmerican Consumer Opinion  – With ACOP you earn points and then redeem them for rewards. It really is just that simple.

Sign up for ACOP FREE here.

QuickRewards – Whether its completing paid surveys, searching the web, or shopping online, there are a number of ways to earn cash through QuickRewards. Choose your favorite method, do it daily, get cash deposited to PayPal within 72 hours. Easy.

Sign up for QuickRewards FREE here.

PanelPlace – Much like the others, PanelPlace offers a platform where you can get paid to give your opinion. They act as a liaison between you and marketing companies and send you paid surveys that you complete and redeem for cash or gift cards.

Sign up for PanelPlace FREE here.

More Ideas for Extra Income

Make extra money and clean out your house using Declutter!
Decluttr is free to use and gives you guaranteed cash for your stuff. You don't need to worry about paying fees or listing your items; just tell them what you have and they'll give you an instant price. Then, all you need to do is send them your stuff and wait for your payment. Get started and Declutter your house today!
Drive part-time with Uber and make extra cash.
With Uber you can drive and earn as much as you want. And, the more you drive, the more you’ll make. Plus, you’ll get paid weekly and your fares get automatically deposited. Sign up today and you’ll be on the road in no time. Plus, signing up takes less than 4 minutes. Start making money with your car today.


3) Grow Your Money with VTX

VTX Capital, LLC was founded on the premise that the investment industry no longer has your best interest in mind. Years of experience in private wealth management has afforded us the knowledge to help you protect your hard earned money. For far too long now financial advisors and banks have sold you products or enrolled you in services that serve one purpose: to make them more money. From selling you high-fee mutual funds (for which the advisor gets a kickback) to signing you up for accounts that you do not need (the recent Wells Fargo scandal), the industry has reached a new low.

At VTX, we aim to provide YOU, the individual investor, the knowledge you need to make your own investment decisions. As such, we've compiled a list of blog articles and other resources that we think you will find useful in your journey to financial freedom. Check them out below:

High Interest Savings Accounts

Start earning more money with a Discover Bank high-yield savings account with top tier interest rates!
Discover pays its clients a hearty 0.95% APY…5 times higher than the national average. This means your money will grow faster with them. There are zero monthly fees and zero account opening fees- its tough to beat free.Open your Discover high-yield savings account today!

Start Investing

How to open a retirement account with TradeKing
Opening a retirement account with TradeKing is 100% free and can be done in less than 10 minutes! With the most user-friendly platform around and only $4.95 trades, TradeKing is the easiest, most affordable way to get started investing. Open your TradeKing account today and get 20 free trades!
Explore low risk returns with motif investing!
With Motif you can trade an entire portfolio of up to 30 stocks or ETFs in a single transaction of $9.95, that’s as low as 33¢ per stock. With direct ownership of the underlying securities, you have complete transparency of your holdings—which you can change at any time. How's that for easy? Open your FREE Motif Investing account today.

Want a more comprehensive guide on how to save and invest for your retirement?  Be sure to check out our ebook, “The Complete Guide to Building Your Own Investment Portfolio“:




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guideOver the last decade, the investment industry has undergone tremendous change.  The latest hot-button topic creating buzz in the community is the debate between active and passive investment strategies.  To see our take on the issue, download our latest paper, Optimizing Your Portfolio Using Active & Passive Strategies.  


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