healthy salad recipes

Top 5 Healthy Salad Recipes to Kick Start Your New Years Resolution

New year, new me. We’ve all said it at least once. We get a gym membership, we buy new workout clothes, we binge spend on supplements and we buy a ton of healthy food. And then 92% of us never meet that New Years Resolution we made. Why? Because its really, really hard work. Still, there are 8% of you that made it. 8% of you that made real change. It wasn’t enjoyable to start. In fact it was probably pretty miserable. Low calorie diets mixed with moderate to intense exercise leaves you feeling one thing, hungry. But you’re gonna […]

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mortgage notes

Private Mortgage Notes: A Lucrative Diversification Tool

As you start your investment journey, there’s one thing you’re going to hear over and over again: “Diversify!” The concept is absolutely true, you don’t want to put all your financial eggs in the same basket. But diversification is more than just selecting different stocks – sometimes it means finding financial products that are out of the spotlight to balance risk. One of these such financial products are private mortgage notes. What is a private mortgage note? When most people hear the term “mortgage” they think of large financial institutions like Bank of America and Wells Fargo. However, each year thousands of Americans […]

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Do I Need a Prenup? Yes! Here’s Why & How to Get One

So you followed the advice and invested in your twenties – and now you’ve found the one and are ready to get married. Time to sign the marriage certificate, merge assets and build a life together, right?  Not quite. Starting a marriage means signing a legal document which essentially merges assets to establish a business.  And if you have significant assets to merge and have a healthy amount of respect for you and your future spouse you should seriously consider drafting a prenuptial agreement. Related: Make Money At Home: 10 Ways To Make An Extra $1,000 Each Month Do I Need a […]

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How to Invest in Your Thirties

When you reach your thirties, the game begins to change when it comes to your finances.  You’re no longer in the joy ride of your twenties, where retirement seemed like a far away imaginary life.  Your thirties are the time to get serious about building a solid financial foundation for the rest of your life.  But don’t fret if you’re a little bit behind- it’s not too late to get going, even now.  Learning how to invest in your thirties needs to be a top priority! The most important part of the whole equation is to not delay in having a plan.  […]

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Knowing When to Sell an Investment

For as much as people talk about their reasoning for entering into a trade, surprisingly little is discussed about when it’s time to sell an investment.  While there are definitely good reasons to cut an investment loose, often times investors let their emotions or the need to time the market dictate the decision- both of which position them for long term failure. It’s been proven over and over again that relentlessly trading and trying to catch the market at its peak is one of the worst things an investor can do for their personal wealth.  One of the most famous […]

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