Where Does the Market Go Now?

Since its low of 1810 in February, the S&P 500 has bounced back 11%.  After such a quick recovery, investors around the world are scratching their heads and asking themselves, “Where does the market go from here?” Have we already seen the worst?  Here’s our take: In a lot of ways, economic conditions have actually improved a lot over the past month.  Despite a few hiccups, concerns about China appear to be fading (at least for now).  Between stabilization in China and the big rebound in oil, full on recession fears have all but gone away for the short term.  […]

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The Impact of Fintechs

Financial technology companies, sometimes called “fintechs”, are changing the way people invest by creating opportunities that used to be limited to only those on Wall St.  Just as Ebay changed the way we shop and Apple changed the way we communicate, fintech companies are changing the way we invest.  The changes could potentially be revolutionary, as these companies are already prompting big changes in the financial services industry as a whole.  There’s even been an influx of venture capitalists and Wall Street firms pouring in roughly $10.5B into this space during the first nine months of 2015. A Few of the […]

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Current Signs of a Recession

A recession could be coming soon.  At least that’s what everyone is talking about these days. You’ve probably heard a lot of speculation recently about the state of the economy (even if you don’t follow the stock market everyday). January 2016 had the worst two week start on record. Many bears are predicting that economic growth and profits will be weak in 2016.  Will that end up being true?  The fact is many top economists have a hard time predicting turning points in economic/profit growth.  At an uncertain time in the market like we are in right now, there is going to […]

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Carl Icahn and Xerox

Carl Icahn, a famous activist investor, has helped ‘facilitate’ the splitting of Xerox.  Xerox, as I’m sure many of you know, makes printers and other office supplies.  What you probably didn’t know is Xerox has a second market: outsourcing HR, customer care, and accounting services.  This second function is widely overlooked but will soon be split off into its own company. Xerox has had a troubling couple of years.  Its stock price has fallen about 30% over the past year.  And third quarter revenue decreased almost 10% from the previous year. The basics of the business are strong, specifically the photocopying and technology […]

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Oil Prices Finally Going Up?

During this past month oil has flirted around $30/barrel.  Thankfully, this week, a Russian official reported that Saudi Arabia has proposed a 5% decrease in production for all OPEC members.  Under the proposed production decrease, countries outside of OPEC would also reduce their output of oil. No changes have been made yet, so don’t get too excited, but this is a step in the right direction.  After a solid month of continuous oil decreases and equity plummets, this news is refreshing to investors.  We’ve started on the road to production negotiations and hopefully an agreement to reduce production worldwide.  But why […]

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