17 Brilliant Ideas to Pay Off Debt Faster than Ever in 2017

Debt sucks. There is no getting around that. For the majority of the American population, debt will suck the life out of you. The sooner you can pay off debt, the better. Sure there are some ways to utilize debt to grow wealth, but for most American’s we have a love/hate relationship with debt. We love to use it and hate to carry it. Some of us treat debt similar to an unhealthy relationship. We know we need to get out but we’re too comfortable to do anything about it. That’s the point where I was at. One of my […]

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healthy salad recipes

Top 5 Healthy Salad Recipes to Kick Start Your New Years Resolution

New year, new me. We’ve all said it at least once. We get a gym membership, we buy new workout clothes, we binge spend on supplements and we buy a ton of healthy food. And then 92% of us never meet that New Years Resolution we made. Why? Because its really, really hard work. Still, there are 8% of you that made it. 8% of you that made real change. It wasn’t enjoyable to start. In fact it was probably pretty miserable. Low calorie diets mixed with moderate to intense exercise leaves you feeling one thing, hungry. But you’re gonna […]

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money making apps

10 Money Making Apps You Need For Your Smartphone

Do you spend a lot of time on your smartphone? I know I do. Seems like I’m not the only one. The average young adult now spends nearly 5 hours a day on their phone according to a recent study by psychologists at Britain’s Nottingham Trent University . Crazy, right? But this study merely confirms what we, and companies all over the world, have long since figured out – mobile is the next big thing. It also comes as no surprise that these companies are desperate for your business. They’re literally giving smartphone users cash to try their mobile apps. Whether […]

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earn extra money

Earn Extra Money: 100 Clever Ideas to Boost Your Income

A big reason why Ben and I started VTX Capital was to help people learn about different ways to earn extra money.  We talk a lot about all of the different ways to earn extra money, from just simple gigs on the side, to launching full blown startups (and everything in between). Obviously, earning extra money is something that can really change your life.  Money can buy you freedom in more ways than one, despite what people may say. Note: This post originally appeared on our other site, Breaking The One Percent. Earning extra money on top of your day job […]

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why am i poor

Why Am I Poor? 10 Tips to Stop Being Broke

Are you one of those people who is always asking yourself, “why am I poor all the time?” When Jeff posted an article a few weeks back citing that 62% of Americans had less than $1,000 in their savings accounts I was astounded. How was it even possible that a majority of Americans could have less in savings than me? Related: 100+ Insanely Clever Ways to Earn Extra Money Check out the chart below and see where you fall: Chart courtesy of GoBankingRates.com Full stop. Wait a minute… 44.5% of you don’t even have a savings account? If you’re one […]

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