Lower electric bill during summer

How to Lower Your Electric Bill and Save Money This Summer [Up to 20%]

It’s summer, the time of year for backyard grilling, lounging poolside and…skyrocketing electric bills. That last element isn’t something most of us look forward to, but there are some easy ways to lower your electric bill during the summer that you may not know about. Try out a few of these and you’re sure to reduce your utilities expense over the hot summer months. How to Lower Your Electric Bill This Summer Mastering the Art of Air Conditioning Air conditioning is the cold elephant in the room when it comes to electric bills. Nothing beats walking into a cold wall of […]

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How to Ask for a Raise: The Advice No One Ever Gave You

You work your butt off. You’ve taken on extra responsibilities at the office. You slave away after hours. You’ve gone above and beyond to impress your boss and be the best employee you can be. And now…. You want a raise. There’s just one problem Getting a pay raise for the job you’re already doing is really hard. Really, really hard. When I was at my last job (the job I had before launching this website and going into entrepreneurship full time…lol), I found out first hand how difficult it is to approach your boss and ask for a raise. It […]

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investing for millennials

Investing for Millennials: How Get Ahead and Retire a Millionaire

If you are reading this article and you are in your twenties (or even your thirties), you are in the golden years for setting yourself up to retire with a lot of money. A lot. I’m talkin’ a million or more. But in order to make that happen, you need to make investing a regular part of your financial life. The problem for a lot of young people is that learning how to invest hangs pretty low on on their priority list. If this sounds like you, don’t fret. The first step is to recognize the two major mental barriers […]

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How to save $5,000

How to Save $5,000 in Under a Year, No Matter Your Income

What would YOU do with an extra $5,000? It’s fun to think about, but I want to do something a little bit different with this article. I want to show you how to actually do it. Yes. How to save $5,000. In under a year. “But I can barely save any money right now as it is!” “Money is so tight! I can barely keep my head above water!” “Woe is me!” STOP. Stop with the excuses. So many of you make excuses before even making an honest attempt to save. The truth is, there is no reason why 98% […]

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4 Easy Steps to Getting Out of Debt When You’re Feeling Overwhelmed

Getting out of debt can be hard. If you’re in debt, you know it’s stressful (otherwise why would you have clicked on this article?). And if you don’t feel stressed by your debt, you’re probably ignoring your debt, which is infinitely worse. Like many of you, I’ve been there. I know how it feels to have debt constantly looming over your head. I know what the guilt feels like every time you pull out your credit card to pay for groceries because you need to use credit– because you can’t afford to buy them in cash. I know the soul-sucking feeling of seeing […]

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